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Refund Policy

Green Brothers has outlined in this document its voluntary refund & warranty policies.

These policies are in addition to, and do not limit your rights with respect to, the Comsumer Guarantees or any other rights and

remedies that you have under a law in relation to the relevant goods and services.

The policies are intended to cover the vast majority of different circumstances that would be taken into account when determining

an appropriate remedy consistent with your statutory rights.

These policies set out the minimum steps that Green Brothers will take in those circumstances to provide you with an appropriate remedy.

Green Brothers has used its best endeavours to ensure the policies provide for a reasonable and lawful remedy when dealing with the

majority of circumstances that are not immediately remedied to your satisfaction by the manufacturer’s voluntary warranty.

Staff Code of Conduct

Green Brothers staff are obligated to ensure that your statutory rights are NOT limited in any way. Limiting your rights may include:

* Informing you that the manufacturer is solely obligated to remedy your faulty product.

* Refusing to refund a product that is faulty or became faulty through no fault of your own within a time frame deemed

reasonable by this document

* Failing to assist in a courteous and timely manner with a remedy that is in accordance with Green Brothers Refund Policies

At any time you feel that Green Brothers staff conduct is not in accordance with these guidelines then ask to speak to the Store Manager or Manager on Duty.

Green Brothers Refund Policy

To obtain a refund or any other remedy you will be required to provide proof of purchase and, for faulty products, Green Brothers needs to be satisfied that the problem with the goods was not your fault.

Faulty Product with packaging in any condition or packaging discarded 100% Refund if less than 30 days.

Refer to manufacturer Warranty documentation for refunds and remedies after 30 days.

Unused & Unopened, packaging in good condition (product not faulty) 100% Refund if less than 30 days.

Refund may be available after 30 days if breach of Consumer Guarantees.